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Pocket Folder, Pocket Folder Design

Pocket Folders, also known as presentation folders provide you with a flexible, high-impact marketing tool. You can easily change and organize content to fit each client or promotional need. It's especially useful when your product or service brochures are constantly updated.

Custom Presentation Pocket Folder Design

Pocket Folder Design Project Details

Standard Pocket Folder / Presentation Folder

Printed on one oversized page dependent on pocket size
Standard pocket size is typically 4"
The brochure is folded and the pockets glued
The finished size when folded is 9 x 12

Page Layout & Size

Folded, Finished Size*

Cover Pages | Side 1 (Flat Size)

Inside Pages | Side 2 (Flat Size)

* Sizes may vary slightly based printer requirements.

  • Targeted Design:
    Designed to accurately fit your industry, audience and brand
  • Unlimited Design Revisions*:
    Get exactly what you’re looking for with unlimited design revisions and content updates
  • One to One Dedicated Design Contact:
    Direct contact with a dedicated design consultant throughout your project, by email phone or text. Monday-Friday 9am – 6pm PST
  • Printer Ready Artwork:
    Final Art Delivered in a 300 DPI, High-Res, Print Ready PDF File

Turnaround Time:
  • 1 to 2 Weeks With Quick Client Approvals.
    Allow extra time for printing and shipping as needed.

* Unlimited Design Revisions: Once we've created and sent your initial brochure design, you'll have a full 30 days from that point to get Unlimited Design Revisions.
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